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Partnership with Mila AI Institute @Montreal, 2023

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Benjamin Akera
Benjamin Akera

📣 AwakeAI Partners with MILA to Foster Advanced AI Development

AwakeAI has officially become a startup under the Quebec-based AI research institute, MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms), initiating a groundbreaking partnership designed to propel AI technology to new heights. MILA, renowned for its research in machine learning and artificial intelligence, is set to collaborate with AwakeAI to boost its AI development, driving innovation and creating synergies between academia and industry.

This partnership is a significant leap forward in AI research and development, allowing both organizations to benefit from each other’s expertise and knowledge. MILA will provide invaluable support to AwakeAI by offering cutting-edge insights and solutions, thus ensuring that AwakeAI remains at the forefront of AI technology and application.

Benjamin, CTO of AwakeAI Inc, has been appointed as the lead for this collaboration. His involvement brings promising prospects for the partnership as his vast knowledge and experience in AI will facilitate the seamless integration of the latest AI advancements into AwakeAI's projects, enhancing their capabilities and elevating their solutions to unprecedented levels.

The objective of this partnership is to develop cutting-edge AI technologies and methodologies that are capable of addressing intricate challenges and augmenting efficiency across diverse domains. This collaborative pursuit is set to ushering in a groundbreaking chapter for AwakeAI in the evolution of artificial intelligence, specifically in computer vision, and its deployment to tackle prevailing issues.